Act today to keep a healthy mouth through life! WOHD in Slovenia

World Oral Health Day is in Slovenia also celebrated on March 20.

Nurses in oral health education and prevention od Health Centre Velenje will participate. Because in our job we daily work with younger population (pre-school and school children, adolescents…), this time we will focus on older adults.

We will organize a stand on which we will be available for all information regarding oral health. We will teach about the importance of adequate oral hygiene (also in specific conditions such as paradontosis, taking good care of dentures and dental prostheses ...), healthy eating with sugar restrictions and regular visits to the dentist.

We will also invite pople in further oral health education interventions, that we will implemented during the whole year. There will be free promotion materials such as toothbrushes and pastes, mouthwashes, brochures, leaflets...

In addition, we will do several health education content in schools and kindergartens in order to promote the campaign.

The goal of this project will be to promote healthy oral habits in children and adults.