Caries Management in the 21st Century

Dinner  with Dr Jilen Patel
“Biological vs Surgical Caries management with a closer look at Silver Diammine Fluoride and  Hall Techniques”

Emphasing the role of the dental team in primary care, paradigm shifts in minimally invasive dentistry with a focus on techniques such as the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride and the Hall Technique.

Dr. Jilen Patel is a specialist paediatric dentist who completed his postgraduate training at the University of Western Australia and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. He is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Dentistry at the UWA Dental School and Consultant at Perth Children's Hospital. He is passionate about translational research and improving oral health outcomes among disadvantaged children. . His interested in paediatrics and public health was sparked while volunteering for the Kimberley Dental Team and providing dental services to communities across remote WA. He was invited to be an inaugural board member for KDT and is now a director and Senior Dental Officer for KDT. Dr Patel continues to play an active role in developing oral health policy and practice for underserved communities being involved with initiatives such as the WA State Oral Health Plan and WA Sustainable Health Review. He has published research in both local and international journals in the areas of dental public health, paediatric dentistry, cariology and Indigenous oral health. More recently, Dr Patel has been involved with creating an integrated, multidisciplinary oral health education and prevention program for refugee children. His work has led to the implementation of an Australian first double blind randomised controlled clinical trial aiming to arrest dental caries among refugee children using topical fluorides. He was recently awarded the RACDS emerging lecturer award and has received fellowships to the Academy of Dentistry International and International College of Dentists.