How to take care of your teeth in old age.

This is one of the activities held in Brunei Darussalam for the World Oral Health Day 2019. This year, WOHD activities extends its focus beyond children and adult, to include older adults and those who are going into the golden age of 65 and above.

This talk was jointly organised by the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) and Department of Dental Services Ministry of Health, Brunei. It is part of a year programme with the Senior Citizens Activities Centre group where HPC organises one talk a month with the group okay various topic. March is WOHD month and we like to take this opportunity to increase awareness of this group of older adult on oral conditions that might be related old age. The talk also aims to provide oral care plan for them and their caregivers to take care of their teeth. Finally, this talk aims to encourage regular dental attendance for routine check up and maintenance.