The Ibiza Education Retreat

Social media, new technology and constant innovations have the power to make dentistry attractive and inviting. However, this can come with the necessity for greater understanding of these technologies, including the investments and implications on daily clinical work. Lack of knowledge and understanding can lead to higher stress levels in the never-ending search for the perfect work-life balance.

The Ibiza Education Retreat 2019 will address a wide range of topics with a focus on evidence-based dentistry and everyday practice management. The aim is not only to focus on the knowledge necessary to be excellent clinicians, but also to enrich mind and body, allowing the dentist to keep up with a wide array of challenges that can arise daily.

During your stay in paradise, our faculty and influencers will focus on developing a meaningful and relevant approach to literacy, framed around learning, as well as team-building and discussion groups.

You will have the chance to explore new learning strategies in a less formal setting along with the amenities of an upscale retreat. In between immersive learning sessions, you will have the opportunity to relax, reset and refresh in an extraordinary setting.

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