Mansoura Dental Forum 2019

We're Mansoura Association of dental students "MADS", a group of dental students who care for public health, spreading awareness and serving the society.
In order to achieve it, we've organized many surveys and conferences but for now we're working on a great event which covers many of this aspects "Mansoura Dental Forum 2019" which'll take place in our university "Mansoura University 17-21 march".
Through this forum we aim to bring students from different identities together so that they can share their different cultures, knowledge and thoughts.
We also aim to spread dental awareness among these gathering through our prophylaxis campaign.
To cover all of this aims, the forum will include 4 different programs:
The first & most important one is our prophylaxis campaign that aim to make students aware of some items that is essential in everyone's life, like how they choose their doctor, how to deal with emergencies. We gonna tell them how many harmful effects which oral bad habits could cause, how important is it to maintain good oral hygiene and how serious the oral cancer is. Also convey them to visit dentist more often to avoid dental caries or deal with it at early stages. "the earlier it is treated, the less damage done to the tooth". We also didn't forget our colleagues; we'll take to them about dental fitness and hypnosis.
The second is our training program: Knowing that the improvement of soft skills is vital for everyone's success, we offered free sessions to students in different fields as communication skills, planning, time management and advocacy.
The third one which is also important is our social program that'll include culture exchange programs, theater and games to get the students close together and to encourage them to show their talents.
The fourth and the last one: Dental Olympics program that'll comprise pre-clinical competitions in crown, operative and Morphology .so students can show their skills. Also table clinic and poster competition which allow students to exchange not only the general knowledge but also scientific and clinical one.

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