Say Ahh Act On Mouth Heath With LADS

This year, our campaign is broader, our goal is not only to reach as many as we can but also to emphasize and focus on the dental and oral health principles and not only give them to the population but let them take these instructions and advice back home to their families and friends.

and so, we made a calendar with our campaign from 24 February till 13 April, we made sure to cover all age groups starting from nursery till old aged, giving a huge focus on geriatrics and paediatrics.

alongside our work, we planned a special series of events targetting ONLY mothers-pregnant women for their major role in influencing their children, family and community and to teach them all the differences they can do at home from nutrition to daily tips about maintaining oral hygiene and management of an accident related to oral and dental health.

Campaign Details

  1. In collaboration with BEASTS organization, a full day of dental screening and samples distribution by LADS with general health screening by specialists. (Date: February 24)  
  2. Series of municipalities visits all over Lebanon, A Group of students from the same area can join together in one village to give a lecture about oral health which targets all age categories with samples distribution, this event will take most of our energy because we will be directing our knowledge and efforts for more than 1 group and category and if went as planned it will be from the most effective . (Date: March 3 and 16)
  3. Beirut Arab University- Beirut Campus, Like last year we will invite schools and all faculties to join us for a day full of dental and oral awareness. Event Structure: a group will be with kids promoting good oral hygiene instructions, another group will be giving awareness for all faculty students and ready for free consults and available to answer any question for better dental education. (Date: March 5)
  4. Nursery Visit, Education, Diagnosis, fun and samples distribution and kids will go back home with flyers to their parents about Oral Health. (Date 8 March)
  5. Scouts Visit, Oral health session for scout troops with educational activities, diagnosis and samples distribution. (Date: March 10)
  6. Visting ...., 
  7. On road Campaign, A central tent will be placed in the most crowded place in Beirut (Ain el Mrayse ) to spread awareness and give free samples for passing by people and a dental check-up will be made, we are targetting here a big number of people with different socioeconomic statuses. (Date: March 25)
  8. CARITAS (an NGO for charity work), we organized a day of oral and dental awareness for all volunteers alongside with free samples because they deserve all the best for what they do. (Date: March 22)
  9. Beirut Arab University-Tripoli Campus with a school visit, as a part of spreading outside Beirut the capital of Lebanon, we will be heading North for Visiting the university and a school for the same goal.
  10. Visiting West Bekaa also  outside Beirut, the team will be visiting West Lebanon to complete its campaign with school visits there, and Re-visit the refugee camp we went to last year and we found that it needs to follow up and continuous attention but only this year with greater samples number, more efforts and more potentials .
  11. Schoool Visit, Awareness session for kids with their parents on oral health measurements and the right brushing technique, in addition, an Awareness session for young students about oral health. along with samples distribution. (Date: 7-21-26-28 March and 3-4-9-10 April)
  12. Pregnant women awareness, A session for pregnant women in collaboration with a medical centre for having only pregnant women . (Date: TBA)

In addition to on-site campaigning, all events will be covered on our all social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and from the first of March till the end of the campaign each day a dental tip will be posted as Daily dental tips program.

For press coverage, local TV and radio will cover our events 

Toothie will be present in all kids awareness events, yes he will be present! laugh
Tooth head is created and will help kids to act on mouth health 

Estimates targeted people number 10 000 
Estimated volunteers number 150

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