WOHD – Say Ahh: Act on mouth health

This year, over 1300 students will take place in this project. Over this few months, they will do their own research and presentations for oral health, learning about the benefits of good oral hygiene and how brushing can make a difference in oral health . Through oral health, the overall health and well being is enhanced. One student in each class  will present the project in front of the whole class, under Dr.Nina’s team mentorship.

After the presentations, we are organizing a party with the school band and celebrity guests – actors and singers, famous sport players, who will support the campaign , stand up comedy performed by the most popular actors in our country and a lottery.

During the campaign all the students can take active participance and apply for the awards.

The awards will be divided in three categories,

  1. Best selfie-smile photo
  2. The most interesting fact about oral health   
  3. The most original idea (depending on their talent, such as song, video, drawing…)

During the campaign, the school radio and other local radios will remind their followers for the importance of the oral health.

President of the "Dental Chamber of Macedonia" and "Dental Association of Macedonia" , profesors from Dental university and representatives from Ministry of Education will be present at the event.

"Dr. Nina Dental Clinic" team will offer free check ups and screaning for public.

Printed educational promotion matherials will be delivered to the public.

There will be a media coverage : broadcast on local TV stations, and guest appearing on TV shows.


Social media: 
Facebook, TV, radio stations.