WOHD Campaign for Orphans in Yangon

I'm Dr. Kyaw Min Thu from Yangon, Myanmar. I'm currently also an EC member of APDSA. To celebrate WOHD19, I'd like to plan an event for Orphans. 

Why Orphans?

1. They are most likely to be the ones that are unaware of dental health education and most certain that they got less dental care when compared with other children in Yangon and

2. There is also an orphanage near my private dental practice.

So that event will include 

1. Free dental check-ups (oral screening)

2. Giving Health Education and

3. Teaching proper tooth brushing technique

For this, I've invited all of the dental fellows to join and participate in this magnificient and delightful event.

#SayAhh #WOHD19 #APDSA

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