World Oral Health Day 2019 in Russia

In Russia World Oral Health Day is going to be organised by the Russian Dental Association with the support of Ministry of Health, the professional organisation "Medical society of Russia"; and as co-organisers, Universities, Innovation centers are going to be actively involved in the event. The Dental students' association together with dental hygienists under supervision of university staff are going to play a major role in training schoolchildren in toothbrushing and presenting lectures, showing cartoons to improve oral health habits among children of different ages. They are going to visit schools, kindergartens, orphanages.

To raise awareness on benefits of addressing oral diseases'risk factors, different types of actions are going to be taken at dental clinics, innovation centers, Universities, performances, flash mobs in a number of cities in Russia. 

In total, aroung 60,000 people are going to be involved in event.