World Oral Health Day with HCCM

WOHD celebrations in HCCM will be held in different universities, such as Pavlov 1st SPbSMU (Saint-Petersburg),  SSMU (Tomsk), SGMU (Samara), UGMU (Yekaterinburg). Our members will have the following activities: 

1) On 20th of March SSMU students are preparing educational dental event for general audience at the city center. Their team is also planning to have free dental check-ups for kindergarten children; pediatric faculty students will also help to organise this event. 

2) At SGMU university there will be different public events for both dental students and non-dental audience. 

3) 1st SPbSMU is planning to have an interactive lesson about oral health for children at Gorbachev Scientific Center and also an event for students and dental patients in the university building. 

4) UGMU will have different public events in a mall and in the city center outside with free consultations about oral health and general health impact on occurance of oral diseases. Also they'll give interactive dental lessons with brochures and other printed materials at childcare centers and schools.