World Oral Health Day: Say AHHH Awareness Campaign with JADS

This WOHD campaign will be focused on awaring the members of the society about certain oral health topics.

The topics are:

1. The oral health is a mirror of the body's health.

2. Explaning each risk factor of oral diseases, how it effects the oral health and how to prevent it and improve the oral health.

3. How to take care of children's oral health, demonstartion of the correct way to brush teeth, what are the early sign of disease, and how to act when they appear.

4. Oral manifesations of the most common systemic diseases in jordan.

The event will also include showing people how to make sure they efficiently cleaned their teeth and removed plaque by the use of disclosing tablets.

Also some fun activities of asking simple oral health realted questions and giving gifts to the ones who answer correctly.

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