Al-Quds, Palestine: Let's Talk about Oral Health, the Palestinian Way! by Palestinian Dental Association in collaboration with Al-Quds University

The activities of WOHD 2020 in Palestine are:

  1. March 4th: Launch event at Al-Quds University (AQU) that will include a formal opening ceremony, two lectures about oral cancer: risk factors and prevention and screening for oral cancer risk factors among AQU staff and students and raising awareness. The formal ceremony will be attended by all collaborators including College of Dentistry at Al-Quds University, Palestinian Dental Association, Ministry of Health, Palestinian Medical Relief Society, Danish Dental without Borders TUG, and Sharek Youth Symposium . one of the lectures will be presented by a volunteer from the British organization: Let’s Talk about Mouth Cancer.
  2. March 12th:  There will be a visit to a school in a marginalized area in Mughayer village for education, raising awareness and carrying out preventive and therapeutic activities.
  3. March 19th : There will be  visit the Old City of Jerusalem to carry out educational and raising awareness activities. Screening and referrals will be also conducted.
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