Kandy, Sri Lanka: Walk to 'Unite for Mouth Health' by Sri Lanka Dental Association

Sri Lanka Dental Association in collaboration with the Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya and the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka will be organizing a walk from Peradeniya to Kandy City (a stretch of 4 km) to mark the World Oral Health Day 2020. Students and staff of Dental School Peradeniya, dental surgeons and health officials of the Central Province and members of the Sri Lanka Dental Association will participate in the walk to educate the public on this year's theme. There will be around 300 participants displaying banners, pledge placards during the walk. There will be a closing ceremony at the end of the walk, in Kandy city with a leaflet distribution campaign. Media coverage will be given to the event, which will be broadcasted on national television channels.