Moscow, Russia: World Oral Health Day Campaign by the Russian Dental Association

The Russian Dental Association is organising a large campaign in order to raise awareness of the importance of oral health.

World Oral Health Day 2020 in Russia is going to be organised by the Russian Dental Association, with the support of the Ministry of Health as well as the Dental Faculties of different Universities all over Russia. Volunteer student associations are going to be actively involved in the event. The Dental students' association together with dental hygienists under supervision of university staff are visiting a large number of Moscow schools to give lectures and lessons to primary school children to help them improve their oral health, as well as being trained in tooth brushing. They are also going to visit kindergartens and orphanages.

Different types of actions are going to be initiated at public and university dental clinics to promote the benefits of addressing oral diseases' risk factors. Flash mobs are planned in a number of cities in Russia. The RDA will work in close connection with Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry and the Public Movement of “Medical volunteers” which is one the largest volunteer associations in Russia numbering 46000 participants and providing support to about four million people in different parts of Russia.

A round table of RDA representatives and other decision-making authorities including the Chief Dental Officer of Russia is going to be organised in order to discuss the most important questions regarding oral health support and quality of life, as well as improvements of oral health care for the population of all ages.

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