Philadelphia, UnitedStates: Smiles across miles awarness© by ProDental

@ProDental we know the strond connection between a healthy mouth and overall health. As a result, we've launched a worldwide Smiles across miles awarness© campaign to educate everyone,Yes everyone all of us (7,714,576,923) about the importance of Oral Health. Here in Philadelphia we are giving away a two thousands *tooth brush and three thousands flosser on world oral health day (March 20, 2020).** All it takes brushing thrice and floss twice a day and you can enjoy your smile like a Pro.*** ProDental™(2014-2020) *The number of given tooth brushes can multiple due to various local sponsors. **oral health products limited to (1 brush-1 floss) per person. *** join the campaign and find out how to reserves your dental kit.

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