Rome, Italy: Italian Dental Student make it social by Associazione Italiana degli Studenti di Odontoiatria (AISO)

Due to the recent state of emergency that we are facing in Italy, the Italian association of dental students has decided to carry out an awareness campaign via social media, thus not giving up on carrying out a project for the World Oral Health Day.

We created posters in which we explain the importance of oral health and how it affects general health, and we made a video that explains how we brush and clean our teeth.

When this emergency situation ends, we intend to carry out the events in the square that we had already planned for March 20.

We will be present in 18 Italian cities: Catania, Catanzaro, Chieti, Florence, Foggia, Messina, Modena, Naples, Parma, Pavia, Perugia, Pisa, Rome, Salerno, Sassari, Siena, Turin and Triste.

We have decided to cover a wider target of people, so the events will take place in different locations, both in schools and in nursing homes, squares and universities.

Thanks to the collaboration of some sponsors we will distribute gadgets and information brochure.

Social media: Instagram: aiso_official