St Leonards, Australia: Australia Pledging to Reverse Negative Oral Health Trends by Australian Dental Association

This year for World Oral Health Day, the Australian Dental Association is warning of the negative oral health trends occuring within Australian adults. Over the past 10 years, there have been considerable increases in both dental caries and periodontitis. The ADA is asking Australians to #uniteformouthhealth and pledge to take control of their oral health, starting now in 2020. For World Oral Health Day 2020, the ADA is releasing an update to the Australian Oral Health Tracker, providing a progress report on how Australian adults are tracking. The Australian Oral Health Tracker was a world-first report card that was originally released on World Oral Health Day, 2018. As the prevalence of adult caries and periodontitis increases, the ADA is adding to its video library by releasing two educational videos - how tooth decay occurs and how gum disease occurs - because if people do not understand how a disease occurs, combating the disease is hard to do. 

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