Meet our World Oral Health Day Ambassadors

Our WOHD ambassadors are key to help us raise awareness and empower people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to secure good oral health throughout the year. Thank you for helping us to improve the oral health literacy of populations globally.


Dr Michael Awua-Mensah

Dr. Michael Awua-Mensah is a dentist from Ghana who is enthused about bridging the oral health equity gaps through physical and virtual public health education to empower patients. He writes as a columnist, runs oral health campaigns on social media and organizes outreaches in his community.

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Dr Louisa Ansong Satekla

Dr. Louisa Ansong Satekla is a dental surgeon based  in Accra, Ghana and a member of the Ghana Dental Association.
She has dedicated herself to public education in the field of oral health using her social media platforms and also other platforms such as television, radio and medical outreaches. She currently holds the award for Most Outstanding Woman in Health at 2021 GOWA awards and Health influencer of the year at 2021 Ghana Pulse Awards. Dr. Louisa is very passionate about her charity works mostly in the rural areas of Ghana targeted at children with the aim of promoting academic excellence especially in the field of science for young girls.

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Dr Simone Cesar

Dr. Simone Cesar, better known on social media as @dentistamusical is a dentist who has been specializing in children and adolescents for over 21 years, in Brazil. She currently uses social media to connect with and educate young people. Her videos exceed millions of views.

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